Unloading in Remote Areas / by Karie Luidens


Hundreds of migrants cross Arizona border after 'several busloads' dropped off in Mexico

By Geneva Sands, CNN
Updated 1:15 AM ET, Tue January 29, 2019

(CNN) In the early morning hours Thursday [1/24/19], several busloads of migrants were dropped off on Highway 2 in Mexico, just south of the Arizona border.

"They walked about 100 yards, climbed under and over the vehicle barrier that is the only infrastructure in that area and agents were called in to make the arrest," said acting Tucson Border Patrol Chief Jeffrey Self.

In total, 242 people -- mostly families from Guatemala -- were arrested when Border Patrol agents arrived at the scene after the migrants were detected by a mobile surveillance system.

This was one of the largest single groups crossing the Arizona border over the last year, according to Border Patrol, and comes on the heels of other large groups illegally crossing at other parts of the border.

Similar to other groups of families, these migrants willingly surrendered to Border Patrol with no attempts to evade or hide from authorities. […]

In December, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan raised concerns that a new trend was emerging of very large groups of migrants arriving at the southern border by bus and unloading in remote areas.

"So far in this fiscal year, and this has been a brand-new phenomenon this fiscal year, we have started to see extremely large groups arrive together several times, usually once or twice a week since about mid-October," said McAleenan in December.

The trend appears to be continuing into the new year.