Over 670 Apprehended by Border Patrol Within 24 Hours / by Karie Luidens

2019-05-03 - Border Patrol El Paso.jpg

Border Patrol Apprehends 3 Large Groups of Aliens within 24 hours

Border Patrol media release
Release Date: May 3, 2019

On May 1 at approximately 1:30 a.m. Border Patrol agents took custody of a large number of illegal aliens at the Camp Bounds Forward Operating Base adjacent to the Antelope Wells port of entry. The majority of individuals from this group are from Central America. The group included family groups with small children as well as unaccompanied juveniles that continue to put their trust and money in smuggling organizations while undertaking the dangerous journey. This particular group had a total of 243 individuals that made the treacherous journey.

About 40 minutes later at 2:10 a.m. U.S. Border Patrol agents in El Paso also encountered a large group of illegal aliens crossing the border and entering the U.S. illegally at the border wall near downtown. This group was made up of 219 people.

On Thursday morning [May 2] another large group was apprehended in Antelope Wells with a total of 209 illegal aliens. This bringing the total to three large groups, and over 670 illegal aliens being apprehended by Border Patrol within 24 hours. This group, like others before, is comprised primarily of Central American families and unaccompanied juveniles.