Don’t Just Imagine, Demand / by Karie Luidens


Weekend of Resistance for Migrant Justice

Public · Hosted by Tornillo: The Occupation
Feb 14 at 12 PM – Feb 18 at 12 AM CST
Tornillo, TX & Everywhere

Activists in Tornillo, Texas are calling for a national weekend of Revolutionary Love February 14th-18th, 2019 to disrupt migrant detention, deportation, and murder. After holding an encampment outside the Tornillo youth detention camp since December 23rd, we are calling for all people of conscience to join us in a national weekend of action guided by love for our people. And that love turned to action means freeing all those detained in migrant detention facilities.


Tornillo: The Occupation demands the freedom and liberation of all people. We understand the current crisis at the US-Mexico border and throughout the US immigration system as part of a longer history of racialized violence, environmental injustice, queer and trans-phobia, and mass incarceration. This is why we believe it is important to connect the fight against migrant detention with indigenous peoples’ struggles to protect land and water, with access to clean water in Flint, with the criminalization of those who resist and provide humanitarian aid for migrants crossing the desert, and with the ongoing feminicides of cisgender and trans women of Juárez.

While we are at this moment directly placing the focus of our protests on those suffering inside immigration detention facilities and in solidarity with those immigrants in detention currently on a hunger strike protesting their treatment, we also understand the interlocking nature of ALL our struggles. We truly know that none are free until all are free. For this reason, we demand that the systems which oppress us, criminalize us, dehumanize us and continue to inflict genocide upon us END. While the work is ongoing, our goal of this weekend of resistance is to offer hope to people suffering inside immigration detention facilities and send a strong message to politicians and people of conscience around the country that we are fighting together through EL PODER DE NUESTRA GENTE!

While we believe that the abolishment of ICE, Customs and Border Patrol and Homeland Security is essential to the liberation of all people, we also recognize that thousands of human beings are currently being directly impacted by these systems. For this reason, with regard to the kidnapping and detention of our people WE DEMAND:

That all forms of incarceration as "solutions" to processing migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees end immediately.

That families who present for asylum at the border not be held in Border Patrol jails ever and be released to their sponsors immediately. If they do have to await processing, that it is not in a jail but rather in alternatives that provide adequate nutrition, water, medical care and compassionate support provided by the US government, which is responsible for the destabilization of their countries.

The immediate return of ALL of the 10,000+ children still separated from their parents because of Trump’s zero tolerance policy and that all unification expenses INCLUDING travel be funded by the US government who separated these families.

The humane release of all migrants currently in detention and a stop to the cruel practices of mass releases of refugees on the street without proper support or resources to find their way to their sponsors or tend to their families. We believe that it is the US government’s responsibility to give them basic humane support upon release.

That the demands of the refugees who are currently on a hunger strike protesting the cruel treatment of asylum seekers in processing centers be met, an immediate end to the retaliatory and violent force feeding they are currently being subjected to and that their acts of courage not be used as an excuse for their deportation.

That charges are immediately dropped on the nine No More Death volunteers and we call for an end to the criminalization and destruction of humanitarian aid across the country.