Waiting / by Karie Luidens

Time Passing.jpg

“What if I planted too soon? Or too late? What if we get another cold snap? What if it’s already too warm because of climate change? Some of these guys are supposed to like the desert, but others might not so much, and the sun gets so hot, what if they just bake out there? How do I know if I’m watering them the right amount? What if they never germinate because they’re too dry, or I just drown them first thing before they stand a chance? What if I didn’t do enough to amend the soil and they starve and wither up? What if I doomed the seeds?”

My partner tipped his head thoughtfully. “The seeds want to grow, don’t they?”

I bit my lip. 

“They want to live. Whatever the conditions, they’ll do everything they can to make it. I think they’ll be fine. You’ll just have to wait.”

So I’m watching that dead-seeming dirt where my seeds are now hidden, and waiting.