Silt / by Karie Luidens

Jar Test.jpeg

Actually, I’m not sure about my soil’s texture. At first I thought it contained virtually all sand-sized particles; now I’m wondering if that homogeneous mass isn’t actually silt. 

Here are my results, versus those of a much clearer sample: 

Jar Test.jpeg
Jar Test Example.jpg

Heavier particles settle first, while tiny clay particles can stay suspended in water for days or even indefinitely. The test on the right has beautifully obvious delineations between the bottom two inches of sand, two thirds of an inch of silt, and a quarter-inch band of dark clay (topped by water that’s still murky and foamy from the shake-up). 

In contrast, my test on the left is... I mean, it’s kind of just brown, right? With a thin layer of organic debris at the water line, sure, but otherwise pretty uniform. What do you think, sand or silt? 

Silt 2.jpeg