Shade / by Karie Luidens

Squash vines.jpg

The heat is just too much this week, soaring to 100°, 101°, even 103° the last few afternoons. I’ve taken the dog to the yard with me each time I go out to water, and normally he loves to run around checking in on the latest smells for as long as I let him, but lately he just plops down right by the gate waiting for me to lead him back inside. He knows better than to linger under the midday sun. Better to water the plants quickly and return to his favorite nap spot on the cool tile flooring. So that’s what we do—me giving the bonus dose of water for my crops, him napping away the heat of the day. Along with the wilting plants themselves, we wait for the sun to set each evening so we can find some reprieve in the shade and perk up a little again.