Sacred / by Karie Luidens


Marching north, marching west, invading each others’ sacred lands... This is humanity’s long shared history. But today millions of us will march together, not in conquest or battle but in solidarity.

In a few hours I’ll be joining the 2018 Women’s March here in Albuquerque, accompanied by the homemade sign I drew up yesterday afternoon. Given the endless list of issues at stake in politics today—racist rhetoric, xenophobic policies, threats to health care and education and environmental protections and the free press and democratic institutions and international relations and more—the idea of choosing a single issue for this superficial shout-out seemed impossible. My conclusion was simply to create a sign that reflects my most basic values. 

I guess, to rephrase “sign with values,” I’m “virtue signalling.” Hmm. 

Still, better to signal virtue than not to signal virtue, I hope. It’s at least a start, or a step in the right direction. I look forward to taking that step and many more with a whole crowd of compatriots in this peaceful march of progress.