Powerless / by Karie Luidens


Supposedly we all have some flower power in us, sure. These days, though I mostly feel helpless when it comes to flowers. Or leaves, or stems, or roots. It’s been two weeks since I began planting seeds in my new garden bed and so far not a single seedling has emerged. Have I failed them all? Did I, as I feared, doom them from the start by putting them in depleted, collapsed soil—compacted mineral silt devoid of nutrients and microorganisms? Sure, I tilled in the sparse grass cover that had mostly dried up over the winter; I buried worm castings around each seed and I’ve been watering faithfully each day. What more could I have done with what I had? What more should I be doing now? Are my seeds growing just beneath the surface and preparing to make their appearance any time now, or has it all gone terribly awry?