Persistence / by Karie Luidens


My pumpkin plant has rebounded from the pest damage to its cotyledons and unfurled its first true leaf! Hope springs eternal! 

In fact, despite being threatened by weeds, insects, and sweltering heat over the last week, the young plants are continuing to thrive out there. The current seedling roll call includes: 

  • 4 corn plants
  • 4 Magdalena Big Cheese squash
  • 2 cushaw
  • 3 sugar pumpkins
  • 3 Hopi watermelons
  • 1 pole bean

...Three different types of bean planted, and just a single seedling has made it up. Several times now I’ve found unsprouted beans unearthed and rearranged in the dirt, so I think I can add foraging birds to my list of threats. I can only wonder which smaller, softer seeds they may have dug up and made off with—amaranth, sunflower, tomato. Time will tell as we see what else manages to emerge.