Night-Daydreams / by Karie Luidens

Night Daydreams.jpg

A cut description of evenings in elementary school.

Emily fell asleep quickly, I think, based on her breathing. Some nights I did too. Others, though, my mind was too full of story to slow down. I lay awake lost in dreamy visions. The world was full of voices, real and imaginary; I listened to them all. 

I might imagine the tinkling voices of fairies who lived high up in trees. Fairies wore tiny little dresses and flitted between leaves in the dappled light that came through branches. Even with my eyes closed in bed I could picture how sundrops must sparkle on the edges of their wings. Perhaps they used tiny spears to hunt the frogs that loitered groggily by the fence posts of our backyard. I touched one once, and its skin felt thinner and slipperier than it looked. I shuddered beneath the sheet.