My Darling Graveyard

When I started revising the manuscript of my first novel in 2015, I wrote a blog post about how editors exhort writers to “murder their darlings.” That is, they make you take the passages you’ve crafted, even the ones you worked the hardest to perfect, and ruthlessly edit out anything extraneous.

Per the wise words of my wise editor, I started murdering a lot of darlings. There was no doubt that my book would be better for it, but in the meantime their blood was on my hands and I was afraid if I didn’t appease their spirits they might begin to haunt me like a regular Lady Macbeth. 

I created this graveyard so my cut passages could rest in peace. Perhaps you’ll even let them live on in your mind awhile. Either way, at least they’re off my conscience. Time for me to get a good night’s sleep.