My Book Reviews

About the reviews...

I used to be a student of literature—wait, that’s wrong, let me start again. I used to be formally enrolled in classes where people discussed prose and poetry. These days, I’m still a student of literature, but there’s no syllabus instructing me to write critical analyses of the books I read.

This means that I’m free to finish a book and then just… put it down and walk away, which feels terribly unsettling to me. Theres no closure. It’s as if I’m parting ways with a friend and not even giving a hug goodbye.

So a while ago I started writing little commentaries when I finished a book. A while after that it occurred to me that I may as well share some with the world, and here we are.

There’s no particular rhyme or reason to which books appear here, and I don’t post with regularity. I suppose rhyme, reason, and regularity should apply to my writing, given that it’s my work, but my reading and therefore my reviewing are something else. 

Unless I review books professionally someday, of course. Then I promise to be incredibly professional about it.

Until then, enjoy.