Restfulness / by Karie Luidens


It’s tempting to struggle and strive on behalf of these plants as they wilt in the fierce afternoon heat. But there’s only so much I can do to intervene. And the fact is that they’re already doing what they need to do for themselves, naturally: shrivel their leaves a little to minimize exposure to the sun’s beating UV rays, conserve water and therefore bow down in apparent droops. Then come evening, as shadows creep up over them and they’ve drunk fresh water, they’re able to revive a bit. They rest overnight and have somehow even grown, refortified for the next hot day. 

I need to allow myself to rest, too. After all, this hot high desert is a land of siestas, and for good reason. As in other deserts around the world, the creatures of this place know when to slow down and wait out the worst of the heat. Only mad dogs and Englishmen are foolish enough to go out in the midday sun.