Reasonable / by Karie Luidens

Do What You Love.JPG

Why does anyone do anything? 

What motivates us to get up in the morning? 

What sustains us through our days’ work? 

What helps us sleep at night or keeps us lying awake, haunted by doubts or anxieties, heaviness or emptiness? 

What I’m saying is, regardless of what sort of work I’ve been groomed to do in my life thus far, if I haven’t found it fulfilling, why on earth should I keep doing it? Why should I sit in an air conditioned office typing at a leisurely pace for the duration of my adult life when I’m capable of so much else, so much more? 

Why wouldn’t I challenge myself to try a new kind of work? Even if it’s sweaty, dirty, and laborious. Especially if it’s those things.