Pride / by Karie Luidens


Hey, I’ve been writing about food and gardens here for four months now.

I’ve doubted myself and debated my options. I’ve read histories of agriculture and philosophies of land use. I’ve studied monocropping and permaculture. I’ve attended soil amendment classes through the local extension program and participated in seed workshops in Arizona. 

I’ve learned to care for pet worms and cultivate a healthy outdoor compost heap. I’ve raked, cleaned, and dug 432 square feet of trash-laden dirt. I’ve fenced it off from critters, laid a path of paving stones from the gate to prevent compaction, and amended it with compost and natural mulch. I’ve planted, watered, and waited.

I’ve gasped at new seedlings and despaired over mysterious pests and celebrated plants’ persistence, their natural pursuit of life. 

I’ve gotten my hands dirty. 

Far be it from me to revel in hubris, but I’ll allow myself a little pride.